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All of our accessories are designed specifically for our Dragon Fire Grills. Quality built with the user in mind.

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Dragon Fire Rotisserie Kit

Dragon Fire Rotisserie Kit

General Description

Designed specifically for use with our Dragon Fire Grills, the rotisserie kit is available for both 32″ and 40″ grill heads.

Each kit comes with the following:

  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Motor — 25 lb. capacity
  • Stainless Steel Spit Rod
  • Stainless Steel Forks
DFR32 32″ Optional Dragon Fire Rotisserie Kit
DFR40 40″ Optional Dragon Fire Rotisserie Kit

Using Your Rotisserie

The rotisserie cooks with the infrared back burner, which provides intense searing radiant heat. The location of the rotisserie and burner allows the placement of a rotisserie-basting pan (NOT included) beneath the food to collect juices and drippings for basting and gravy.

Do not use the main burners in conjunction with the infrared back burner.


  1. Hold the handle firmly while sliding one of the fork assemblies (prongs facing away from the handle) onto the rod.
  2. Push the rod through the center of the food, then slide the other holder (prongs toward the food) onto the rod.
  3. Center the meat on the rod and push the fork assemblies firmly together.
  4. Tighten the thumbscrews.
  5. To secure any loose portions of your meat, use butcher string (never use nylon or plastic string).
  6. Place a basting pan under the food to collect the drippings.
  7. Do not use main burners in conjunction with the infrared back burner.


  1. Remove the warming rack.
  2. Place the pointed end of the rotisserie rod into the motor and rest the threaded end on the support at the side of the grill. When the rod is pushed as far as possible into the motor, the grooved end of the rod should rest on the right side bracket.
  3. Make certain the load is properly centered and balanced on the spit rod as needed for balanced operation.
  4. Light the infrared back burner. It will reach cooking temperature in about one minute. The orange/red glow will even out in about five minutes. The back burner flame can be adjusted to the level of intensity you prefer.

Rotisserie Kit Installation and Use

Download Rotisserie Installion and Use Instructions

Dragon Fire Grill Covers

  • DFVC32C
  • DFVC32B Grill Cover

Our Dragon Fire Grill Covers have been designed to work specifically with our Dragon Fire Grills and Carts. The outer side of the cover is constructed of black heavy-duty polyester—that is both durable and easy to maintain—and has a silk screened Dragon Fire logo. The inner side of the cover is made with a soft PVC lining that will not scratch or damage your grill or cart.

DFVC32B Dragon Fire 32″ Grill Head Cover
DFVC40B Dragon Fire 40″ Grill Head Cover
DFVC32C Dragon Fire 32″ Grill Head & Cart Cover
DFVC40C Dragon Fire 40″ Grill Head & Cart Cover

Dragon Fire Griddle

Aluminum Griddle

General Description

Add even more versatility to your grill with our 26″ aluminum griddle. This essential grilling accessory provides excellent heat retention and distribution. Perfect for making pancakes, eggs, french toast, and grilled cheese, to name a few. Fits both the 32″ and 40″ Dragon Fire Grill Heads.

PFGRIDDLE26 26″ Aluminum Griddle

Cleaning Instructions

How to clean your aluminum griddle

  • When using the aluminum griddle for the first time we recommend washing it with mild detergent and water. Dry thoroughly.
  • After cooking, let the griddle cool and pour off excess grease.
  • Wash the griddle in warm soapy water.
  • If needed, a non-abrasive plastic scouring pad can be used to remove cooked on soils.



This is the coolest grill I have ever owned!

John W.

This is our first gas grill and we could not be happier. We have a big family and this grill has been able to handle it all. We had a few questions when we first installed the grill but the customer service department walked us through everything. We were up and running in no time!

Lauri M.